Tax Consulting Services

We will reduce the effects of your numerous tax-related questions while at the same time complying with national tax laws and regulations:

  • preparation of  opinions on VAT, income taxes of legal entities, profit taxes and other taxes,
  • personal consultations related to taxation of physical and legal entities (related also to international taxation),
  • preparation of professional opinions,
  • preventive tax reviews,
  • help with joining and sharing a business company,
  • help with conversion of self-employed individuals into capital business companies and help with private entrepreneurs’ transfer of activities
  • help with transfer of activities of a self-employed entrepreneur to another entrepreneur,
  • representing our customers at tax supervision institutions,
  • creation of a transfer pricing study to explain and prove market conditions under which the services among connected entities are charged.

Transfer Prices

Transfer prices include the prices of products, services, intellectual property and other fees charged among connected entities, as well as the very contracts on the basis of which the associations of multinational companies participate in shared costs, e.g. research and development expenses and intercompany financing transactions.

In accordance with legal regulations, the associations cooperating with entities connected on an international and local level are obliged to set and register a transfer pricing system, which defines the conditions under which the connected entities run their businesses.

Our team of experts helps the companies create a transfer pricing study, which explains and proves market conditions under which the services among connected entities are charged.