• a review of your documents’ compliance with the law,
  • business consulting for our parties while delivering their book-keeping documents, controlling and registering the received and issued documents,
  • entering all business transactions in the ledger,
  • when it comes to the ledger, we also offer the services of tax book-keeping: entering your business transactions in the tax registry, creation of books of accounts complying with the value-added tax act and keeping the additional business records in accordance with tax regulations,
  • a review of your documents’ compliance with the law,
  • entering all business transactions in additional business records (registry of basic material and non-material assets, labor cost accounting, material and goods accounting, cash book register, stock book, etc.)

Accounting Supervision

  • checking entries of business transactions in books of accounts and tax books,
  • checking whether book-keeping documents comply with laws and accounting standards,
  • checking whether estimated and registered receivables and obligations in the ledger and additional customer’s books of accounts comply with each other,
  • analysis of carrying out control procedures in the department of accounting,
  • consulting with regard to organization of the accounting function and provision of accounting statements.